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This game was reviewed on a PS4. It is also available on Nintendo Switch, iPhone/iPad, PC and Xbox One. A code was provided by Stride PR in affiliation with Blowfish Studios for review purposes.


The game is based on Colin Thiele’s 1964 children’s book of the same name. The game takes place on the beaches of South Australia near the mouth of the Murray River. You will play as the Storm Boy who rescues a young pelican and names him Mr. Percival. They quickly become the best of friends and the journey together begins.


If you have happened to read the children’s book Storm Boy by Colin Thiele then you have perfect knowledge what this game is about. I for one had never heard of the book so my experience was just with the game itself. The game is a linear storytelling experience where blurbs will appear on the screen telling you bits and pieces of the story as you progress through the game. Each little blurb giving you more and more of a connecting story line to not only now what is going on but it helps you connect with the Storm Boy and Mr. Percival.


The game uses walking mechanics as its primary function. This is done purposefully as the game is meant to tell the story of Storm Boy. There are mini games along the way that you can partake in by feeding the seagulls, flying as a seagull, sliding down a sand hill, and playing fetch with Mr. Percival.


The graphics are what I would fully expect with the game’s focus coming straight from a children’s book. They seem to be hand drawn and in such a beautiful way. Not the typical hand drawn look that some games have but one that seems almost as if you are actually reading a book right from your PS4. It is literally that beautifully done.

The sounds of the game give the effect of you being on a beach and hearing the wind, the sand beneath your feet, the water crashing against the beach. The game’s sound really sets the mood and the setting to the entire game. You can almost feel as if you are on the beach yourself watching this unfold.


This game is one that has a very touching story. One that most people with kids or when they were kids themselves can relate to. Being based on a children’s book you can expect that the game isn’t very long. They usually are short to keep the child’s attention for the duration of the book. I had my 22 month old sit in my lap the entire play through and it very well kept her attention. She was particularly fond of the mini games where you could feed the seagulls and where you played catch with Mr. Percival.

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  • The game is a perfect game for all ages
  • The sounds are superb
  • The graphics appear like pages off a book
  • The story is one that made me buy the book

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