Override Mech City Brawl – Review

This game was reviewed on the PS4, also available on PC and Xbox One. A code was provided by Modus Games.


What do you get when you mix Street Fighter with a Power Rangers Zord battle, this beauty right here. This Game may never achieve a GOTY status but it quite happily delivers what it promises.


Two Months ago giant monsters known as Xenotypes started ravaging various cities of the world. They have since been evacuated and have now become deserted battlefields. You play as one of the worlds best Mech pilots who leaps into battle against these creatures. Your character will differ depending on which Mech you choose to fight as. Once you win your first battle you are contacted by General Mavis from UDF Ground Forces who recruits you into working for his Rapid Response Team and you will be deployed to various locations around the world to defeat the Xenotype invasion.


When I first picked up the game and went into the story mode I was a little disappointed to find the combat to be very basic with left and right punch being on the L1 & R1 buttons and the enemies only taking a few punches to defeat. Yes it was cool how you could punch a monster through a building but all I was doing was spamming these 2 buttons and completed the first 3 levels with ease.

I decided to go back to the game and try the tutorial mode to see if there was any more depth to the combat. I’m glad to say I was pleasantly surprised. Dashes and dodges are great for avoiding attacks and charging left or right kicks by holding the L2 & R2 buttons are a great way to attack while creating space between you and the Xenotype. Locking on to enemies with R3 allows for easy dodging and attacks can be charged for greater effect. Also larger combo attacks can be used to cause more damage. Holding triangle will bring up a shield which can be used to block attacks and when timed correctly can parry the attack and leave your opponent open to a follow-up attack. Then there is the super move that is unique to each robot and needs to be charged first before using, it is a feast for the eyes looking like something from DragonBall Z and can deal a large amount of damage.

The Robot v Robot fights show the combat in a better light and allow you to do various combination of matches up to 4 players whether they be CPU or human players you can do all v all or set teams with 2 on each team or 1 vs 3, these are available in local coop mode or with an online multiplayer available. I would presume that as the story mode progresses and gets more difficult your combat skills will need to be more on point.


The graphics in Override are nothing to write home about, nobody would ever put this game into their PS4 Pro to show you the power of the console but the graphics are smooth and sleek with an animated aesthetic. The robots are reminiscent of the Zords from MMPR or the Transformers bots and there is even one that looks like a giant walking computer with a monitor for a head that reminds me of Hackerman, (high-five to you my friend if you get the reference.)

The sound fits in with this game with music that sounds like it has come from a superhero blockbuster. The movement of your robot is accompanied by some weighty sounding stomping and there is a lovely crumbling sound effect to the building falling apart as you stride through them.  All the sound effects of the combat suite the style of game from the punches to the explosions. The only place the sound lets the game down is in the cut scenes during story mode, stills of animated characters accompanied by dialogue shown on-screen and I feel if this was done with voice acting the it wouldn’t feel as if it drags so much between battles. Reading the story dialogue between your character and the General can get tedious at times.


The beauty of Override is in its simplicity, the developers have set out to make a game set around giant robots defending the earth from giant monsters. Yes the premise is totally ripped from a rather well-known movie but it works for what this game does, this is simply a 3D Mech fighting game with a monster invasion story. The fact is its simple to pick up and easy enough to learn but if you ad your friends wanna throw down in up to 4 player battle there are some skills to be learnt to get the advantage over your rivals. Override achieves what you would expect from a game of this type and does so in a well polished manner. This wont ever be one of those titles that has world-famous fighting tournaments, but for a coop bout against friends or online its worth it for a good laugh.

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Override Mech City Brawl











  • Couch coop
  • Easy to play
  • Good graphics


  • Not the most original story

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