One Word by POWGI – Review

This game was played on a PS4. It is also available on PS Vita and iPhone/iPad. A code was provided by Lightwood Games for review purposes.


One Word by POWGI is a new style of word search puzzles. Instead of having a set of words to find, you only need to find one word at a time. You do this in order to complete each quote. There are a total of 120 quotes to select from, from various people in history such as Al Gore, Frank Sinatra, and Ghandi for a few. You are tasked with completing the quote by finding individual words. The key here is you aren’t told what the word is you are looking for in each puzzle, you just have to look at the puzzle and try to guess the word that will complete the quote. Just another great take on Lightwood Games word puzzle games.


The gameplay is pretty basic as one would expect from a word search puzzle game. The words can be found in traditional ways such as up and down, diagonally, forwards and backwards. If you find a word and select it in reverse the word actually pops up on the left side in reverse until you finish selecting it and then it will correctly spell itself. This confused me at first due to seeing words like “hidden” being spelled out backwards.

This game is also an excellent game for any trophy hunters out there as are all of the games made by Lightwood. This platinum comes in at an average of 30-45 minutes with a guide and would likely take about 4-5 hours without. Only 32 of the 120 quotes are needed for the platinum but I would encourage all players to go ahead and complete the full 120 as there are some really great quotes in there. If you are looking for a guide, look no farther than iBadDriveri on YouTube. His guide is attached below.


Overall this game is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the historical quotes and trying to see how many I remembered without looking at the puzzle. I am a big history guy so this was right up my alley. It could also be a fun way for parents of younger children to bring up history in a fun way. I’m always down for a way to get kids learning about history without them ever knowing they are learning. Games are a good way to do that as the kids tend to just play the game but not realize as they are doing that, facts are being placed in their memory. Definitely a game to pick up as the price is great and on the PlayStation platform you get the PS4 and Vita versions all for the one low price.

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One Word by POWGI











  • Fun and Unique
  • Love the new word search technique
  • Great historical figures
  • Well picked quotes

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