Ninjin: Clash Of Carrots Review

This game was reviewed on a Playstation 4. It is also available on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A code was provided for review purposes.


Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is an anime-inspired side-scrolling beat-‘em-up with a large variety of enemies, deep customization, and a story line packed with humor. Run and smash your way through 6 worlds consisting of multiple stages, with an arsenal of over 150 weapons, projectiles, upgrades, and more to modify the experience to each player’s preference. It is also fully playable in 2-player online or local co-op.

Ninjin: Clash Of Carrots opens in a small village in Feudal Japan, as it’s raided by minions of Shogun Moe, and all of it’s carrots are stolen. It’s up to Ninjin the rabbit(or Akai the fox) to fight his way across the land and reclaim the carrots. Sure, the story is nothing special in premise, and it’s something we’ve seen a hundred times before but it works. While the story is rather bland, it does pack in a few humorous moments(and a few that aren’t as well). The writing uses silly puns, as well as some fourth wall breaking jokes that are bound to trigger at least a slight chuckle.

Ninjin is a side-scrolling game, set up in a Super Mario-esque world. Each level consists of a series of waves, populated with various enemy types, followed by a boss wave. There is a large variety of enemy types, each with different weapons and abilities, forcing you to change your strategies. At your disposal, is your primary weapon, which come in several types, ranging from swords to hammers. Projectile weapons are present as well, giving you access to throwing stars, boomerangs, and more.

Given the side-scrolling nature of Ninjin, during gameplay, you’re constantly running as the level scrolls along. Upon the start of a new wave, enemies spawn in from the left and right. You can move freely around the play area, attack, and dash. Attacking and dashing cost Stamina, so careful management of your Stamina bar is necessary. Some weapon types consume more stamina than others, so you must choose your loadout carefully. All of this, along with a level rank, encourage you to diversify your builds and play style, giving Ninjin tons of replayability.

Defeated enemies will drop currencies for you to use in the Corgi Shop to buy new equipment, or the Corgi Shop for new masks, which are purely cosmetic. Oddly enough though, the currency is carrots. This makes me scratch my head a bit, as the whole story revolves around collecting carrots stolen from a village, but this rabbit is spending them left and right on weapons and masks. It makes the already silly story even more ridiculous.

As a whole, its a mildly entertaining, wildly fun experience. Though the gameplay does get stale if you play too long, playing and replaying missions to improve rank or farm carrots never really gets old. It’s an easy game to just have fun with. In addition, it’s also a rather challenging title. Managing your stamina and timing your attacks and dodges becomes crucial in some encounters. Originally, the Ninjin’s final boss encounter was tough to the point of frustrating. Thankfully, a recent patch fixed these issues, as well as added some new equipment and masks to game. Some of the equipment is especially catered to co-op players, and some of the masks were designed by the community. Pocket Trap deserves praise for supporting their release, as well as engaging with the community in such ways.


Ninjin: Clash of Carrots utilizes a bright color palette with it’s anime art style. It’s not a spectacle for the eyes but it’s fitting for the type of gaming. Character designs are various, so there aren’t a lot of enemies that are just reskinned versions of others, which is nice to see.

The audio of Ninjin is a flashback to my younger years. The music is a fairly catchy tune, that naturally gets old after awhile, but stays stuck in your head. Text and dialogue sound effects take me back to several classic RPGs. While nothing special, it didn’t affect my experience in a negative way.


Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is an action packed experience. While the story is barely interesting, the humorous moments are worth a giggle or two. The gameplay is simple enough that virtually anyone can enjoy, and its highly replayable. It’s challenging, but fun in a way that makes you want one more go. With 20+ hours of gameplay, and the inclusion of both online and couch co-op, Pocket Trap’s debut effort is worth your time.

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Ninjin: Clash Of Carrots











  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Highly replayable
  • It's somewhat humorous
  • Tons of weapons


  • Bland storyline
  • It's a tad repetitive

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