Slayaway Camp Butcher’s Cut – Review

This game was played on a PlayStation Vita. It is also available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. A code was provided by Digerati Distribution for review purposes.


Slayaway Camp is a slider puzzle game based loosely on the 80s horror movies such as Friday the 13th. Your objective is to kill the victims in various different ways based on the movie or sequel you are playing and which killer you have chosen. There are a total of 300+ levels to slice and dice your way through with over 60+ killers to choose from. The Butcher’s Cut Edition comes with the base game and the following additional content: Deluxe Edition, My Gory Valentine, HellCamp, Monthly Murderers Series 1 & 2, Supernatural Forces, and Santa’s Slay.


You will be playing as Skullface, a psychotic killer who is hellbent on revenge. You will be sliding Skullface around on isometric puzzles looking for the best way to kill all the victims and escape unharmed. There are specific kills or Gore packs associated with each killer or ones you can purchase with in game currency such as Double Blind in which you will kill your victim by practicing your archery killing skills on your victims face, twice. There are ones you can purchase such as Demonized in which you will summon a demon from another dimension to deal with your victim.

The base game has two play modes depending on your sensitivity to extreme cartoonish gore. You can choose the R rated version if you are in the mood for some ultra violent killscenes and want to have the bonus kill horror insanity, or for the squeamish at heart you can choose the PG version to get the same game just without the blood and gore along with family friendly cutscenes. This allows you to modify what is displayed depending on either you the player or maybe what family member you have in the room with you. At any point in time throughout the game you can change this setting back and forth if for instance you want blood and gore but your 3 year old comes in to see what mom or dad is playing and you don’t necessarily want to have to kick them out of the room. This is a good feature to have instead of just outright cutting the gore out of the game for the few out there that would utilize this feature. Features and choices are always a good thing to have in a game rather than having someone else decide for you.


The graphics are of the 8-16 bit variety which sticks with the theme of the game. The game is paying homage to the horror classics of the 80s and it just wouldn’t feel the same without having some of the same graphics in games as we did back then as well. The blood and gore aspect isn’t really all that bad considering the graphical choices. Sure, there are some brutal kills but with the retro look to the game it’s a little harder to invoke any true visceral reaction from the blood and gore on display. In fact there were many times I was looking at the screen and laughing at the little pile of bones left behind. I just found it humorous given the retro look.


Overall the game was a blast to play. With movie titles like Slayaway Camp 2.5, Slayaway Camp X, and My Gory Valentine their homage worked out perfectly. It was triggering thoughts in my mind of Jason X and Friday the 13th 3D. For a game with such simplistic graphics it really was able to convey the overall theme to the game extraordinarily well. The puzzles were fun and challenging but not too hard where you just wanted to be done with the game. The interactive kill scene between movie episodes kept getting bored during loading screens at a bare minimum. All in all this is one title I would definitely recommend picking up even if you aren’t a horror fan. The puzzle aspect is one where any level of experience is welcomed and encouraged.

Extra side note: The game is on both the PS4 and Vita however it is not cross-buy. However, until January 15, 2019 you can get the PS4/Vita bundle for the ultra low price of $3.74. Definitely something to check out as both versions have their own trophy list and platinums.

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Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut











  • Great puzzle game
  • Loved the throwback horror
  • A must have for any puzzle or horror fan


  • Had a few long loading screens on the Vita version

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