Pizza Titan Ultra – Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4. It is also available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. A code was provided by Breakfall for review purposes.


You have been hired by Ultra Pizza, the pizzeria that rules supreme over Galactic city as the most favorite restaurant in the universe. The year is 2096 and the setting takes place 5 years after the Cheezeborg attack to take over the city. It is up to you to keep it that way by traversing the city in a 10 story tall robot while you do everything you can to uphold the 15 minute guarantee all the while battling insurgents from Cheezeborg. Sound crazy and far fetched? Well that’s cause it is, well at least crazy. Maybe one day we will get to experience a 10 story robot punching through our wall to deliver the most hot and fresh pizza we ever tasted. Until then, we have Pizza Titan Ultra.


Pizza Titan Ultra really focuses on the fighting aspect in their game. You will face numerous foes along the way and you won’t be able to dispatch of them the same way each time. From pressing triangle to stomp, ending the assault on the ground to the punching at standing height to take care of the pesky helicopters. All the way to having to time your jump and attacks to reach some of the more sophisticated enemies. There will be some that are likely your true competition as their size and strength can match only you. In multiple areas of each world you will find boosters that allow you to get across the sweeping landscapes much quicker. Also you can either find boosters along your way or when enemies drop them, they look like little energy drink canisters. When you pick these up you and have enough of them you can press your L2 button and use your Ultra power you unlocked. I stuck with the speed run for most of my playthrough as it allowed me to make up some much needed time as some of the worlds are pretty large when you consider delivering pizzas from one side to the other.

As you are making your way around delivering pizzas there will be random customers with the pizza slice above their head. This is an optional minigame that can really boost your earnings in a big way. Along with delivering pizzas and optional minigames, each level comes with its own different challenges. Such as finding all 5 ingredients scattered across each map. Collect all 5 and you will have yourself a nice little boost in the cash department. There will also be missions where you have to kill a certain number of an enemy type along with each level having its own free delivery challenge. Here is where you will put all your training to the test and show just how great you are at making sure customers are fed, happy and hungry again.


The game reminds me a little of a JRPG in a way graphic wise. With the commentary being not really spoken clearly but the words in dialogue boxes. I wasn’t too keen on the soundtrack used and found myself turning the music off for most of my playthrough. With a game like this, I didn’t find myself really needing the soundtrack as I was more focused on that damn timer at the top of the screen. Thankfully, turning off the music didn’t make me regret it by constantly hearing a timer counting down as some games like to do.

You can skip the cutscenes by pressing the options button but I would definitely recommend reading them. They have made some very quirky and cheesy characters that make the game a lot of fun and unique. My favorite of the bunch was the seemingly timid character named Billy.


Overall the game was really fun to play. The levels are challenging and it felt very fluid with the combat. I do wish there was more customization with the robot that would have made him super fast or something but to their credit there is around 80 different looks for the robot with a ton of ultra abilities to choose from. So there isn’t like a shortage of custom parts. The game has plenty of gameplay to be had with 24 chapters and a good variety of enemies to battle. The challenges can be a little daunting if trying to go for gold each time but if you are just wanting to play through the game you wont have a problem with them at all.

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Pizza Titan Ultra











  • Unique concept
  • Interesting characters
  • good fighting mechanics


  • felt the mech was a little too slow at times
  • wish some of the costumes also gave abilities

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