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This game was reviewed on a PS4. The game is also available on Nintendo Switch, iPad/iPhone, Epic Games Store, and Xbox One. A code was provided by Tiny Build.


Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is the prequel to the 2017 game Hello Neighbor. Every story has a beginning and this is it for Hello Neighbor. Take control of Mya, a young girl with her brother Aaron as her best friend. Experience the fun and excitement of playing hide and seek as you did when you were little. You will also get to experience the personal tragedies of dealing with the loss of a family member and all the story line that lead up to the making of Hello Neighbor. This is the game that explains it all.


The game tells the story from the child’s perspective of losing a family member (a parent). It deals with the joys of childhood and the pains that go along with it. It shows true emotion that only a small child could understand oh how it feels like to lose a parent. It deals with reality in a way that is unexpected throughout the game until the end. At that point is when the full weight of it fully hits you, both in digital and reality. The game does a great job of setting up and explaining all the happenings and strange oddities of its predecessor Hello Neighbor. This is a prequel done right. Admittedly, having played Hello Neighbor prior to playing the prequel definitely makes the revelations shown very eye opening and jaw dropping.


The game features the same controls as in Hello Neighbor. Using R1 to grab objects and L2 to run can be a little daunting if you aren’t used to it at first. However, these controls, while not standard are by far not hard to get used to. You will have to dodge, run, jump, and most definitely hide your way to complete each level, 5 of them in total. Your task in each level remain relatively the same, however the only major difference is the environment and the objects you will be seeking.

In each chapter you are set up to the next world with Mya and Aaron acting out the scene to come in their room. Once the scene is set you open your door and out in to the imaginative world you go. While trying to find all of the items hidden by your brother, you will have to watch out for him and the traps he’s set for you. From big birds that chirp super loud when spotted to having people blow whistles when your passing by, you’ll be sure to find that you will indeed have to hide at some point. In each level you can hide in specific items such as a bush, mailbox, fireman suit, and even a body bag. The game will play a tune that is definitely meant to gather your attention when you are spotted by your brother. You are much faster than he is and therefore have plenty of time to run around the world to escape him or to give yourself enough time to find the hiding spot for that level. Either way you definitely don’t want to get caught by him. If you are caught after you’ve collected some of the items, then Aaron will take that opportunity to remove some of them and re hide them. This definitely will make the game harder since he doesn’t always hide them in the same place. So make sure when you are out there that you are gathering the items needed but most importantly, paying attention to where your brother is at all times.


Just like in Hello Neighbor and noted in our review of it, the prequel follows the same cartoon like or claymation type of style to it. This works so perfectly with the over generalized worlds and crazy things you will be encountering. I was a fan of it then and even more of a fan of it with the prequel. The graphics themselves can tell a story and the way the developer has animated the game it all flows well. I was very surprised to see the actual pain not only in the Neighbors facial expressions but also sadness in Mya’s body language and the frustration and anger shown with such accuracy in Aaron’s behavior and the way he looks at you. True emotion was conveyed in each scenario and done very well with the graphics.

The game has damn near perfect sound quality. They were spot on to the sounds of flowing and running water to the sounds of a fire burning out of control. The most important aspect in a game like Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is the pinpoint accuracy of the sounds around you. When you were being hunted by Aaron you could hear whereabouts he was at by the way of spatial sounds. As you hid, you could hear him walking all the way around you from the left and right ear, especially with your headphones on. I truly recommend that is the way you play this series.


This is a title that I feel is a must play. You have to experience the spatial sound that has been perfected along with being able to actually know what caused Hello Neighbor to be so grim and creepy. You get to experience some of the craziest world designs and crazy contraptions that a game has had in a while. All the while being able to tell a meaningful and insightful story without the actual use of words. The ability to convey an entire story line through emotional manipulation of the characters facial expressions to their body language is an extraordinary feat and one this game does exceptionally well. I highly recommend clicking that link below and pressing “buy now” as it won’t be a purchase you will regret.

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Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek













  • One of the best titles I've played this gen
  • Superb Sound Quality
  • Top notch story telling
  • Great emotional ride
  • Quirky and Fun settings


  • Not really anything negative about it

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