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Here at Planet PlayStation we have a special love for the indie developer. We have found that with indies you have developers creating passion projects, willing to listen to feedback, wanting to take on the challenge that sometimes is the gamer. All to make sure their game is well received.

We have worked closely with several indie developers throughout our short existence and have made some true connections. Both from speaking to them personally all the way to playing their games. From heartfelt stories with The First Tree or Storm Boy, to faced paced shooting action in Inksplosion and puzzle platformers like Spiral Splatter. Each one of these games have a common ground though. They each have the passion and dedication of an indie developer or development team.

Indie teams truly can live or die by the reception of their game. This is why you may see so many come and go. You will know that one that likely remains solid with them though, they are most always willing to listen to feedback. Several teams and solo devs we have worked with have taken direct feedback from not only us but others online and issued a patch almost immediately to fix the problem or started working on some improvements to implement shortly thereafter. With this volatile environment that indie devs face each and every game they release I feel it is important to share these games with the community. To show those gamers out there that feel AAA games are the only way, that there are many more and sometimes even better options out there for them.

That is where we come in. Every Thursday in 2019 and beyond we are going to feature 4 indie games from PS4 to the PSVR and even the Vita. There are games out there just waiting for you to go and play them. We aren’t going to care if the game is 4 years old or 4 days old. Games don’t just cease to exist as games because something newer came out. Besides, there are a lot of older indie titles that really were a special gem, a diamond in the rough so to speak, that for whatever reason not a lot of people heard about them. We aim to change that.

Also with some titles we will be featuring there will be an opportunity for one person to sometimes multiple people to win themselves a copy of some of the games. Some of the developers were kind enough to leave a code or two for our viewers so definitely stay tuned for that. Also if you haven’t heard of Indie Gamer Chick on twitter, definitely go check her out. She works directly with a lot of the same developers we do and she runs featurettes where you can get yourself a free game if only you follow a few simple rules. Basically play it and share about it, but she has all the listed rules on her twitter. Anyway, be on the lookout for the new feature every Thursday, also if you want to see a game featured or if you are a developer and want your game featured, then please feel free to reach out to me and let’s discuss.

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