Trendy Indies Feature Week 1

Each game featured a code was provided by the developer, publisher, or PR agency for review and coverage purposes. Each game was played on a PS4. Planet RIX-13 is also available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. Perils of Baking is also available on PlayStation Vita, Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is also available on Nintendo Switch, iPhone/iPad, and Xbox One. Emerald Shores is also available on PlayStation Vita and PC.

Here at Planet PlayStation we wanted to reach out to the Indie Community in a big way. We not only wanted to feature code handouts for #IndieSelect but we also wanted to try and feature a few games each week with a blurb style segment on each one . This way, you the reader/viewer were able to see a little more about each game and some of the gameplay involved in each. This is our first weekly feature. We hope you enjoy. If you feel anything could be improved upon, please let us know.

Planet RIX-13

Planet RIX-13 is a 2D adventure game in which you play a space explorer that has crash landed on a planet that has obviously been inhabited before but no longer is. You now must find the mysteries of the planet and solve the problem while trying to find a suitable way for you to leave the planet. There are clues scattered all over the planet as to what happened to the previous inhabitants that you must piece together if you have any hope at all at ever leaving. What I find most interested about this is, most of the clues and answers are right in front of your face. There isn’t much to them, yet if you take for granted a message you read and skip through it you may actually be stuck for a long while. I find this sort of puzzle integration fascinating due to seeing how many people get stuck on the game and how many people make it through. It truly represents the ones that pay attention while gaming and those that just try to breeze right through it.

Gameplay cecorded on a PS4

Planet RIX-13 will be available on January 15, 2019 on Xbox One and January 16, 2019 on PS4, Vita, and Nintendo Switch. Also, for those trophy hunters out there, this game has a NA and EU stack on PS4 along with a stack on PS Vita for NA and EU as well, allowing for a total of 4 platinums to be earned.

Perils of Baking

Perils of Baking is a 2D platformer that definitely was inspired by some early games on the NES. The game features two brothers that are famous for their baking. The older brother allowed the fame to go straight to his head and the two went their separate ways. The older brother, not simply satisfied with his fame wanted more. He found an artifact (chef’s hat) that allowed him to bring his baked creations to life. With this new found power the older brother released his creations into the world to cause havoc. In comes you, the younger brother. It is now your sole responsibility and duty to stop not only your brother’s creations but your brother as well. You will fight across 4 worlds, featuring 10 levels in each with the 10th being the boss stage. If you can master driving a mine cart, flying a balloon, swimming, baking, reverse gravity and more you will be able to stop your brother and bring peace to the world.

Gameplay captured on a PS4

Perils of Baking is out now and is cross-buy with the PS4 and PS Vita. Also, for those trophy hunters out there, this game has a NA and EU stack on PS4 along with a stack on PS Vita, allowing for a total of 3 platinums to be earned.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is the follow up game to the original Hello Neighbor. Hide and Seek is actually the prequel story which tells a backstory on why the Neighbor is the way he is and exactly how he got there. I won’t reveal too much about the narrative of the game as it is something you need to experience so you too can have that “ah ha” moment. If you are like me, you were wondering what in the heck made the Neighbor do those awful things to you when playing the original. Now, with the release of Hide and Seek, those questions can finally be answered.

Gameplay captured on a PS4

You will be taking the controls of Mya and playing Hide and Seek with your brother Aaron. As you play hide and seek, you will be looking for several items that your brother has hidden, from stuffed animals, money bags to brains. The game consists of 5 levels, 4 of which are you trying to find items while not being caught by your brother. The last, you take the roll of the person hiding your eyes while your brother goes out in to the world. As you play, cutscenes play out the story of what happened to cause the Neighbor to basically lose his mind and protect his secret at all costs. The game features the same controls found in the original stealth horror game along with “friendly mode” which makes the brother less aggressive in being able to spot you and slows his running down as well.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is out now on PS4, Nintendo Switch, iPhone/iPad, and Xbox One. Also for those trophy hunters out there this game has a separate trophy list for NA and EU allowing for a possibility of 2 platinum trophies.

Emerald Shores

Emerald Shores is a 16 bit platformer in which you will battle your way through as you level up, take on sidequests, unlock secret levels, and fight an optional mega-leveled beast of a boss. This game was made by a one man team and is his second game made. The game features basic platforming controls and at times can seem as if the character can easily get away from you. The game is a fun little platformer and has an interesting story line. I was unable to complete the game on PS4 due to my own personal epilepsy and the shaking of the screen. I do plan on going back and finishing if a patch is released to help with this.

Gameplay captured on a PS4

Emerald Shores is out on PS4 and Vita in the NA region. It will be released in the European PSN store for PS4 on January 15, 2019 and Vita on January 22, 2019. Also, for the trophy hunters out there this game features cross-buy between PS4 and Vita in the NA region and separate trophy lists as well for a possibility of 2 platinum trophies. I would assume the EU release for PS4 and Vita will also feature a separate trophy list as well but as of now this is not confirmed.

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