#TrendyIndies Rules & FAQ

#TrendyIndies In a Nutshell

The idea is simple: I give you a free copy of an indie game. In exchange, you agree to play that game ASAP and talk about the game on social media.

That’s it. That’s the catch in its entirety. Well, mostly. In order to create a better word-of-mouth effect, we do require you to include screenshots or clips of the game you took yourself in your social media postings. We also ask that if you’re able to stream a game on Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube, you do so.

And we require you to be fully honest about the games you play. Talk about the good stuff AND the bad stuff. This is not a bribe for good feedback.

#TrendyIndies Rules


-Nobody is entitled to receive games during #TrendyIndies. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

-Any account we deem to be “inactive” is ineligible to participate in #TrendyIndies.

-Accounts used primarily to enter contests are also ineligible, for a wide variety of reasons.

-Your eligibility for future #TrendyIndies events will be determined by whether or not you carried out your end of the deal for the previous code you were given.

Getting Codes

-Turn your DMs on. I know you THINK they’re on, but if you didn’t follow my account, they’re probably not. Make sure I can DM you the code.

-Turn your DM notifications on and make sure you even check the “Message Requests” area in your DMs as sometimes the message will go there.

-You must cash in all the codes that you receive immediately. Do not take a code you are unable to cash in at that very moment.

-You may not trade or sell any codes you take for featured games.

-You can’t claim codes for a friend or family member. The games are for your personal use.

-Please don’t take codes for games you already own. If you have the Switch version of Incredible Rat Boy Adventures, it’d be insanely greedy to take the PlayStation 4 version just for the sake of padding your collection. We’re also aware that some games have trophies tied to different regions. Same deal: don’t take games you already own in different regions for the sake of padding your trophy count.

-You can’t claim a code to give away on your site or social media accounts for a contest or to giveaway as part of a charity or fundraising event. You need to go to the developers directly and get your own supply.

Playing the Games

-Begin playing the games ASAP. And by ASAP, we’d prefer you play them the same day. We’ll allow a window of 72 hours though.

-Simply play the games. Don’t take a code just to have something to play later. Play it now and post about it using screenshots and/or videos. Every platform out there has the ability to post to social media. Utilize this feature and use the hashtag #TrendyIndies and try and tag the developer as well. You can find the developers twitter handle on the initial offer thread.

-A good rule of thumb: whenever something stands out to you in a game, that’s probably a good time to snap a picture or grab a clip of the game and post it to Twitter and discuss why, for better or worse, it stood out to you. This helps fulfill your end of the bargain of spreading awareness of the game and provides feedback to the developers. Which is the whole point of this event.

-If nothing stands out to you, take a pic or a clip every 20 – 30 minutes and upload it with some form of commentary. Again, you are expected to be honest with your feelings about the games you get. Never say “it just sucks” or “it’s great.” Why is it those things? The “why?” matters most.

-Make sure to include the name of the game exactly as it appears in the game’s marketplace pages and the hashtag #TrendyIndies in the first tweet you make in any thread discussing the game. It helps the title show up more in search results.

That’s pretty much it. Hit me up @MyPlanetPS on Twitter. Have fun everyone. Introduce yourself and make friends with others participating in the event. Talk games with people. Leave all politics and rivalries aside and just enjoy the one thing that unites us all: our love of gaming. Any discussion of politics and/or console war discussion used with connection to the game provided will be cause for you being banned. Keep the discussion about THE GAME and what you liked or disliked about it. Leave the other stuff to a different time and place.

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