Review: Smash Hit Plunder

Note: This product was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR. It is available in digital format in all regions, or physical in North America.


Set in the medieval and ghost-infested Castle Carvasso and its sprawling surroundings, Smash Hit Plunder players step into the boots of a young mage recently returned from magic school. While it initially seems the mage just inherited the dwelling of their dreams, the castle is magically locked up by a ghostly debt collector and it’s up to the player to wreak havoc throughout the grounds to find enough hidden treasure to pay off the debt and win back their home.


Smash Hit Plunder is a first person experience with a fairly basic premise. You’ve inherited the haunted Castle Carvasso, and along with it, crushing debt. Upon arriving, you are greeted by a ghostly grandma who acts as your guide. Unfortunately, most of the castle has been magically locked up by a debt collector, who is also a ghost. The only way to unlock more is to pay up. As you fathom why a ghost could possibly need money, you have to find all of the money hidden in the castle, by smashing your inheritance. When you collect enough, more rooms will be unlocked, with more to be smashed. Basically, this game lives up to its title, and nothing more.

While smashing things is fun, it does get old fast. It’s more of a game to play in short bursts. Its shining point is its party game features. Your friends or family can join in with a Dualshock 4 controller and play co-op or competitive modes. This adds a bit more longevity to an otherwise bland experience.

As the VR player, you can play with either a Dualshock 4, or 2 Playstation Move controllers. Either way, being a game where all you do is grab things and throw and smash them, the controls are fairly simple. There are also various comfort settings in the options, making motion sickness for this title unlikely. When playing in competitive or co-op, the additional players have slightly different different controls, since they aren’t mages. Their reach is also more limited, making high shelves and such, inaccessible. These minor gripes don’t take away from the fun factor of the multiplayer, though.


Smash Hit Plunder uses an art style that can be described as Minecraft-esque. Little blocks that we’ve seen a lot of over recent years. Though it is simple, it makes nice use of various colors, especially on ghosts. Though I am tired of the art style thanks to years of fatigue, my experience with the game didn’t suffer because of it. I just go into VR games hoping for more than little blocks.

The audio, however, I can’t find one redeeming thing about. Character dialogue is annoying half baby talk gibberish. While there is some humor in the game, the annoyance factor of the audio was too much for me to even appreciate it. The music doesn’t fare much better, featuring fairly generic tones you’d expect from the type of game.


Smash Hit Plunder is a hit or miss title. Though it is a highly accessible VR game, long term players won’t find much enjoyment here. While it does have its fun factor, it wears thin rather fast, as a single player game. For it’s party game features, the game offers hours of fun. Unless you have people to play it with, I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

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  • Highly accessible
  • Simple controls
  • Same screen multiplayer fun


  • Boring gameplay
  • Very annoying dialogue

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