EGX REZZED 2019… 5 PS4 games to look forward to…

Rezzed has such a huge line up of events for us game lovers, whether it’s attending live streams, meet and greats or going to developer or portfolio sessions if you are looking at getting into the business. Argos were even in with a Rocket League competition each day and there was plenty of Merchandise to get at some great prices as well.

What we shall be concentration on here is the backbone of the entire thing, developers showing off titles that we can either get our hands on right now or look forward to in the remainder of 2019 and boy are there some absolute gems to go through with you my friends. Here are the 5 PS4 titles that left an impression with me over the 3 day event.


One of the things I love about Indie titles is how much quality local multiplayer options there are on the market and this first title is a great example of this.

Swimsanity is being brought to you from Decoy Games. What they have brought to the table is twin stick shooter that ditches the usual top down view of the genre and changes it up for a side view multi platform game something close to the style of Joust and the Smash Bro’s series. The game comes with a single player mode boasting an impressive 300 challenges. Beat these to earn items to use in game such as power ups.

In multiplayer mode you and three soon to be no longer friends can battle it out using guns, specials and Unleash moves which are more special than the special moves themselves. I was taken aback by the massive shark that suddenly showed up at the side of the screen then shoot across killing anyone foolish to get in between those jaws.

It may be safe to go back in the water but only if your brave enough to risk ruining your friendships. Swimsanity is coming Summer 2019 to PS4 XBOX1 Switch and Steam.


Metamorphosis is a first person platform adventure game brought to you by Ovidworks & Allin Games. In it you play as Gregor, if you are getting flashbacks to your school drama class the I am right there with you my friend. Gregor wakes up as a tiny bug, with this comes new found abilities that you will need to solve puzzles and progress through the game all while trying to solve the biggest puzzle of all, who is behind your mysterious transformation, what is their intention and will you get back to your human form?

The gameplay beautifully gives you the sense of being a tiny bug in a huge world with your legs stretching out in front of you and the smallest of everyday objects suddenly being mammoth obstacles to overcome. With the game working off of the Unreal Engine the environments and gameplay will draw you deep into this title.

Metamorphosis will be coming to PS4 XBOX1 Switch and Steam in the Fall of 2019, I just hope I still have hands when it does so that I can play some more.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Rebellion are about to drop a lovely little gift into our lives with release of the Sniper Elite V2 Remaster, not only is the game getting a graphical upgrade into 4K beauty but when you watching those lovely X-Ray shots of your bullets shattering skulls or puncturing internal organs you can now use the photo mode to capture that moment and share with your friends and the Playstation community. Nothing brings folks together like the image of testicles getting blown off I guess. Also thrown in will be the ability to play as one of 7 different characters and all the DLC for the original title will be included as well.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is coming to PS4 XBOX1 Switch Wndows10 and Steam in 2019.

No Straight Roads

The tagline of No Straight Roads had me hooked before I even picked up the controller.

Start A Rock Band, End The EDM Empire.

Sign me up Metronomik. No Straight Roads is a rhythm action game that puts you in the shoes of 2 rockers looking to save the world from the evil of EDM. It’s up to you to use the power of rock music to battle using various attack including solo’s which can transform pieces of the enemies equipment into weapons to be used against them. The art style of this game is gorgeous, looking like a comic book which shall still look great for years to come and the gameplay is simple to pick up but your rhythm skills shall be put to the test when facing dealing with some harder sections.

If I haven’t yet convinced you that NSR is worth a try then lets talk about the talent behind the game. Yes this is Metronomik’s first game as a studio but with talent like Final Fantasy XV’s Lead Game Designer and Street Fighter V’s Concept Artist you need to keep this title on your radar.

No Straight Roads is coming to PS4 & PC in 2019.


Ok so now we move on to what must’ve been the biggest title at Rezzed, so big in fact that Playstation didn’t have anything thing else in their room accept PS Now. Dreams of course comes from Media Molecule the minds behind Little Big Planet. Now you may say that it is just another level builder like LBP but my word is it so much more ambitious. We had the pleasure of not only getting hands on with the Alpha build of the game trying both some ready made dreams but also trying out he creator mode. Then the pro’s themselves showed us what can be done with some practice, the MM folk were doing live demonstrations starting with a simple grey slab and adding textures on top. Firstly a hill side was made that looked like an oil painting then a dummy figure was added in and that is when the scale of the area is shown, suddenly this little patch of snowy blue landscape is a sprawling mountainside.

Next the character can be amended in what ever way you fancy with shapes being created to change the limbs and add an enlarged head. The stature was amended to give it a stoop and even the skin texture to make it hairy. Add to that the ability to jump higher and a roar recorded using the Playstation Camera and we suddenly had a playable character.

Dreams’s creation mode can be used with either two Move Controllers or the Dual Shock 4 whichever suits your style. The Open Beta will be available on April 16th and and if all goes well we will try to do some more coverage once this is out.

Final Thoughts

I know I have gone on a little about these titles but I just wanted to take a moment to add a personal thought. If you every thought about going to something like this whether you are in the UK or not but never done it then please please buy that ticket. You will be surrounded by like minded folk who love games and the devs are more than happy to show you what they have made. If your lucky you may even get to meet someone like your favourite YouTuber or developer. It may seem scary at first but it is unlike anything else and there is such kinship within the gaming community.

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