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Here, you’ll find a list of websites or communities that we’ve partnered with for the sake of cross promotion. We can accommodate for text links, or even small banners, in exchange for a link to our site somewhere on your site, or the ability to share links to our articles in your gaming community. If you would like to be part of our Affiliates program, contact us on one of our social media platforms.

Open Critic


OpenCritic is a review aggregator for video games. We gather game reviews from across the internet and bundle them together on a single game page. By bringing in several different critics and publications, we hope that consumers can get a complete picture when deciding whether or not a game is worth their time or money.

We initially set out to aggregate all pre-release coverage about a game, and let gamers subscribe to the games they were looking forward to. And all of that would culminate in the review day experience, where we would try to “immortalize the game.” The more we looked at the review aggregation piece, in particular, the more we felt like this was a big opportunity to do a lot of good for both gamers, game developers, and the gaming press.

All Men

  • Transparency. No hidden weightings. No black-box processes. All standards and calculations are publicly verifiable.
  • Customization. Gamers can create their own personal score by customizing which publications they trust. And critics can submit edits to both their score and quote at any time.
  • More than a number. We aggregate all reviews, not just numerical ones. We also want to show the human side behind the review and score, with our first step being to display the author.
  • Gamers first. We are committed to continuing development in the review aggregation space and want to engage the gaming community to decide which features to build next.


YouTube Channel: Lightsp33d1987 

VR Spectrum – Facebook group for discussing all aspects of Virtual Reality, though primarily PlayStation VR focused. Small, but rapidly growing. A warm and welcoming community.

Everything PlayStation – Facebook group for discussing all things PlayStation.

Metal Gear Solid: Outer Heaven – The largest Metal Gear Solid community on Facebook.

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