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About Us

We at Planet PlayStation Trophy Service are experienced trophy hunters and have been hunting since at least 2012. We have hunters with different focuses and backgrounds that will work for the service but only provide their services for games like the Souls series, some might only sign up to work on AAA games and a lot focus on any game out there that someone wants platinumed.

We pride ourselves on being professional and trustworthy and each person working for me has undergone an extensive review to insure that I only have the best of the best. We are working with Live accounts so there is no room for error here and absolutely a no tolerance policy on violating anyone’s anonymity, account, or personal information.

All the trophies earned are earned legitimately. For the most part, we won’t need to deal with your PSN account until the very end of the process. Most games and their trophies can be played offline, thus not requiring us to be logged in to your account the entire time we play the game. The only time we would need to be logged in to your account is when we are synching trophies or needing to play online in order to obtain the online trophies for the platinum. Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions regarding both, trophy services in general and our specific trophy services. Of course we won’t be able to answer every question that will or can arise in any given situation so we’ve listed the most common. If you have any questions of your own that aren’t listed below then please feel free to reach out through our Contact Us form, through email, reach out to us on Twitter, or through our Facebook page. We are easily accessible and usually reply as soon as the message comes through but we suggest up to 24 hours as certain times could be more busy fulfilling orders.

Q & A’s

Instead of purchasing an entire game’s trophy set, is there a way to purchase specific trophies within a game (ex: Instead of purchasing the entire Wolfenstein II trophy set, purchase just the Mein Laben trophy instead)

Yes, you can customize your order whichever way you’d like. We only list full games on the site as listing each individual trophy would be too cumbersome to browse through. If you are wanting to customize your order, you will want to contact us via our Contact Us page or by email or to discuss specifics and price.

Can I just purchase the DLC trophies for a game?

Yes, same as the question before. Just remember to reach out to us via our Contact Us page or through email before placing your order.

Do I need to own the game?

No, as long as we own the game, it can be provided to you through the trophy service.

Will I get banned from PSN or delisted from PSN Profiles?

Absolutely not, unlike a lot of other trophy services out there that simply have a hacked console or hacked trophies. Here at Planet PlayStation Trophy Service we legitimately play each and every game and earn each and every trophy 100% legit. You can watch the YouTube video below of just how most of the games are done and you will see for around the amount of time we would generally need access to your account. Since these trophies are earned by playing the games there is no way to get banned from PSN nor delisted from any of the PSN Profiles leaderboards. You can even check my personal account on PSN Profiles to see that there has never been any single negative action taken against me.

If I want the platinum or a specific trophy within a certain game and it’s not listed in the store, can I still make a request for that game or trophy?

Yes, you would just need to use the Contact Us form or through email to let us know which game or trophy you are looking for. At that time, I will personally look for any avenue of obtaining the game, whether it be through one of the other hunters on the team or through purchasing the game outright. Pricing will depend on the game and or trophy requested and all details will be worked out in email before the transaction is completed.

Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Yes, we definitely will work with the pricing on large orders. Simply reach out to us via the Contact Us form or through email and we will provide you a price for your order.

Is PayPal the only way of payment?

At this time yes. The reason for this is due to the security features PayPal has that protects both you the buyer and the us the seller.

Are you able to finish off a game that I’ve already started?

Yes, simply provide that information through the Contact Us form or through email so that we may adjust the price accordingly.

What all information will you need of mine to complete the order?

At checkout, it will ask for your Name, Contact Email, PSN Sign In Email, PSN Password, and your PSN ID. These are required fields as they are needed in order to complete the order.

How do I know you won’t freeze me out of my account?

Well, to be honest you actually don’t. However, this site only makes money based on word of mouth. If any of us were to lock someone out of their account and effectively steal their account, well business would end that same day. Also to protect you we ask that prior to completing your order that you change your PSN ID password to something generic and easy to remember so that when you send the details over to us you can change your password back after your order is complete.

Is there a way for me to watch you while you have my account?

I’m not sure if the request to watch feature works on PS4 while trophy hunting for the service. However, if you would feel more comfortable, we can live stream the entire event so you can watch via our YouTube channel. We can also set up phone calls or skype calls to allow you to video chat while we are working. This also is another layer of protection for you to give you ease of mind.

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